Preparing for the new academic year

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With the end of the 2016 year fast approaching, you may be feeling anxious or excited about the new academic year. Help prepare yourself for the new year with these tips:

Create goals

Creating goals helps give you direction for the New Year, and enables you to realise what is important and what you need to concentrate on. Setting goals can also help you achieve certain targets and improve on your previous academic year. Make sure your goals are realistic so that you do not feel despondent when the year starts. Your goals may include achieving a certain grade in a subject or making sure you finish and hand in assignments on time.

Complete administrative tasks 

Once administrative tasks such as completing your registration, getting your student card and arranging your student accommodation, are sorted, you will feel more prepared for the year ahead. You may also want to buy any necessary textbooks and start arranging your course material and notes.

Expand your learning opportunities

Being on holiday is the perfect time to relax and unwind; however, it is also the perfect opportunity to improve on your skill set. Internships and volunteering opportunities are always available and they are a great way to add experience to your CV.

Organise your study space

Ease yourself back into study mode by preparing and organising your study space.

Plan a budget and save some money

The New Year will come with various expenses. You will need to buy stationery, books and stick to a budget throughout the year. Planning a budget can help you feel in control of your spending habits and it will ensure you do not overspend.

Author: Aimee Serrao

Submitted 01 Nov 16 / Views 1715