Our story

Citiq Students is our company’s youngest division both in years and in spirit – and it has a very exciting future ahead. 
Citiq Students has its roots in Jika Properties, a company that was formed in 2005 to focus on acquiring residential property in the Johannesburg areas, including the Johannesburg CBD, Joubert Park, Hillbrow and Berea. We wanted to uplift these areas, making them safe and attractive again while ensuring people are proud to call these areas home. Our ventures have now extended to the eastern suburbs (Troyeville, Yeoville, Bellevue), southern suburbs (Rossettenville, Robertsham, Turffontein) and western suburbs (Brixton, Roodepoort, Florida). More recently Jika has diversified into townhouses across Gauteng and into student accommodation through Citiq Students.

Our Vision

Citiq Students partners with tertiary institutions to understand their students’ needs and create living spaces that fits in with their lifestyle.
 Our vision is to be the leading provider of study-friendly, off-campus accommodation for institutions of higher learning. We are constantly growing and expanding, but it’s a careful process of understanding what students need and realising how best to meet and fulfill those needs. We are proud of what we offer and we want our residents to share this pride, and feel like they’ve got a warm and friendly space to come home to.
To achieve this, Citiq Students complies with university accreditation requirements and in other cases Citiq Students enters into contracts (head lease or other) with the university. We believe that we are not just in the business of providing a roof over someone’s head, but creating a happy, homely and secure place for students. We therefore pride ourselves on professional property management and maintenance whilst providing a clean, safe and study-friendly environment. Our accommodation has been created to give parents reassurance that their child is living in a safe, secure and friendly environment where students feel like they’ve found a place where they belong.